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Corner Creek Beef comes from Texas born and raised Angus cross, grain/grass fed cows.

Buying a side of beef is a very economical way to purchase meats for a family. Depending on what cuts you select, you will end up with about 150 – 200lbs of beef that will last in the freezer for a year or more.

At Corner Creek Ranch, we sell our beef by the hanging weight – which is the weight of a side of beef, hanging in the butcher’s cooler after the head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it’s butchered into the usable cuts. We sell a side of beef for $5.50 per pound (a quarter of beef is $5.75), a side of our beef weighs approximately 200 – 300lbs.

The yield after butchering the side is usually around 60-70% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts you select. The weight reduction is the result of lost moisture during the aging process, bone removal and the cuts you requested. Our meats are vacuum packed and sealed for long term freezer storage.

A side of beef feeds our family of four for a year. This will keep in a medium size chest freezer. You’ll need two or three medium/large size coolers to transport it home.

Several Spring Steers Will Be Available; Price per lb. hanging weight

$5.75 quarter / $5.50 side

For more information, please submit the form on our contact page.

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