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Updated: Dec 31, 2020


We use Brother's Meat Processing in Jewett, TX as our meat processor. The following guide is for sides of beef – if you are ordering a quarter of beef, please note that there is a standard order. This is due to the fact that the beef needs to be cut the same from each section. Our order form has a list of what cuts you can expect.

Beef Cutting There are four specific sections (two of each, one per side) of beef and a few miscellaneous items. Ground beef (hamburger) is always a given just how much is determined by how each section is cut.

Choosing Steak Thickness & Roast Size

  • Steak Thickness is to your preference (average is 1”).

  • Roasts size in pounds is to your preference as well (average is 3 to 4lbs)

  • Ground beef can be packaged in 1lb, 2lb, 6lb and 10lb packs

Sections of Beef

The Rib There are seven ribs per side for this section. The butcher can cut Bone In Rib Steaks, Boneless Delmonico/Ribeye Steaks or Rib Roasts.

The Rib Roasts can be done in one of two ways: by the Rib or by the pound. For example, a 3 Rib Roast is heavier in weight than a 3lb roast. For a side of a beef, you can select two of the three cutting options.

The Chuck The chuck is the largest section on each side of any beef. It is made up of the Arm and the Blade. For this section, you can choose two cutting options from the following:

  • Steaks (bone in or boneless)

  • Roasts (bone in or debone, rolled & tied for an additional $1.50/lb)

  • Stew Meat (for an additional $1.50/lb)

  • or Ground Beef

The Loin The most popular steaks come out of the loin section. For a side of beef, you can choose to have it cut one of two ways:

  • Standard Cut – includes Bone In Steaks of T-Bone, Porterhouse and Sirloins

  • Optional Cut – includes Boneless cuts of Filets, NY Strips and Sirloin Strip (top sirloin)

The Round The round section is broken down into four smaller sections:

The Eye Round: The smallest section of the round can be butchered one of three ways:

  • Eye Round Roast, a long, tube shaped roast that can be cut in one or two roasts per side depending on the size chosen

  • Eye Round Steak, a round medallion size cut

  • or Ground

The Top Round: This can be cut one of four ways:

  • Roasts

  • Steaks

  • London Broil (approximately 2” thick and/or 2lbs a piece)

  • or Ground

The Bottom Round: This section can be cut one of three ways:

  • Roasts

  • Cubed (for an additional $1.50/lb)

  • or Ground

The Sirloin Tip: This section can be cut one of three ways as well:

  • Roasts

  • Steaks

  • or Ground

The Miscellaneous Items These items can either be kept as they are specified in the descriptions below or ground to add to Hamburger. In choosing these miscellaneous cuts, you are not losing anything from the above sections.

  • Flank Steak, a thin steak from either side of the groin area

  • Short Ribs, from the plate of the animal and are cut in 1” wide to 3” long

  • Stew Meat (typically 1lb packs), this comes from the whole animal. They are nice meaty sized chucks that are too good to add in with the hamburger

  • Brisket, this piece of meat comes from the chest area and is wonderful to put in a smokehouse for a nice long slow cook

  • Soup Bones, our butcher makes soup bones from the four shanks starting at the top cutting about 1” thick slices down to the end. The upper portion slices have more meat compared to the lower portion. The meat can be removed, with the bones saved – great for making stock or as dog treats

  • Tongue, there is one per cow – please ask us about the tongue if you are interested

  • Organs, again, reserved by special request

  • Hangar Steak, there is one per cow – we typically reserve this and sell at market, please ask us about this cut if you are interested

  • Special Instructions

If there is something specific that is not covered in this cut sheet, please let us know. The butcher can accommodate most special requests. If you would like your Ground Beef made into hamburger patties, please add an additional $0.75 per pound and choose which size: 1/4lb, 1/3lb or 1/2lb patties in 1 or 2lb packs.

**This guide was found on Monnett Farms website and is being used as a general butcher's guide to a side of beef.

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